Why Murugan Has 2 Wives?

Is kartikeya and ayyappa same?

By the way, Kartikeya had other names like Skanda, Saravana, Muruga, Goeha and so on at birth.

However Ayyappan had only one name at birth called Manikandan before becoming a god.

After becoming a god, he was called as Ayyappan.

Lord Kartikeya is the elder son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati..

What does Murugan represent?

Kartikeya (Sanskrit: कार्त्तिकेय, IAST: Kārttikeya), also known as Skanda, Kumara,, Murugan and Subrahmanya, is the Hindu god of war. He is the son of Parvati and Shiva, brother of Ganesha, and a god whose life story has many versions in Hinduism.

Who is Lord Murugan’s wife?

Devasena, the celestial wife, is married in a traditional arranged marriage while the earthy Valli is won by Murugan, resulting in a love marriage. The consorts also represent a syncretism between Shaiva and Vaishnava sects, dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu respectively.

Who killed Parvati?

AndhakaUnaware that Parvati is his mother, Andhaka makes his way to Shiva’s abode. There he tried to abduct Parvati, but she assumed a hundred forms and knocked him unconscious in battle.

Which day is special for Lord Murugan?

Vaikasi Visakam is the day when Lord Murugan (also known as Kartikeya) was born. As the name suggests, it is the day in the month of Vaikasi when the Visakam (Vishakha) Nakshatra prevails. And it is also the day when the full moon appears in the sky in its full glory.

Is god Ganesh married?

On an auspicious day, Lord Ganesha married Riddhi and Siddhi. They have blessed two beautiful sons named Sabha and Kshema. His wives were his eternal powers.

How many wives did Shiva have?

Let us tell you that there are four wives of Shiva in all. They are the symbols of feminine power, also known as shakti. These are Parvati, Uma, Durga & Kaali.

Why did kartikeya killed yamraj?

When the news of this was taken to Yama, he was furious. With all his companions he attacked Shveta’s house. Nandi, Ganesha, Kartikeya and several of Shiva’s companions came to fight on Shiva’s side, and a battle royal raged. … Things had a got a bit out of hand and Yama himself had been killed by Kartikeya.

Why Ganesh and Kartikeya Cannot stay together?

Kartikeya explains that he is not competing with his brother but he doing this to show Indra that Ganesha is Pratham Poojya not because he is the son of Mahadev and Mahagauri, but because he is the most yogya (deserving) for this upadhi (designation).

Why did Murugan marry Valli?

He requested assistance from his divine brother, Ganesha, who appeared as a wild elephant at that time. On seeing the wild elephant, Valli was scared and ran back to the old man, pleading him to save her from the elephant. Murugan proposed to save her only if she agreed to marry him.

Why does Murugan have six faces?

These five heads represent the five elements in nature. When these five elements united with the sixth: Chaitanya Shakti (Pure Consciousness), they gave birth to the Shadaanana (the six-headed), also called Lord Murugan. … You can think of Lord Murugan as a symbol of the Kundalini Shakti.

Why Kartikeya is not Worshipped?

While it is true that Kartikeya is not worshipped in North as much as he is worshipped in Tamil Nadu (or wherever Tamils are located), he is an ancient Vedic-era deity and there are archaeological evidences of old idols and temples belonging to Kartikeya all over India.

Why Murugan is Tamil God?

Murugan is called as Tamil God because , … Murugan worship is associated with Tamilagam and Tamils as all his six abodes are there in Tamil Nadu. Only Tamils across the world celebrates Thai Poosam and it is considered as a National holiday in many countries across the world.

Why do we pray to Lord Muruga?

Lord Muruga is the God to pray to. … If our devotion to God is pure and sincere Lord Muruga lives in our body and soul. He energises our six chakras in our astral body , we survive whims and caprices of nature. Murugan is also known as Kumaraswami, Mahasena, Skanda, kartikeya and Guha.

How did Andhak die?

Seeing the deities in danger, Lord Shiva concealed them within his body and challenged Andhak for a duel. Andhak tried to attack Lord Shiva who was mounted on Nandi. Lord Shiva immediately jumped down from Nandi’s back and attacked Andhak with his trident, which pierced his chest.