Quick Answer: Is Alan Jackson Still Touring?

Is Alan Jackson still touring in 2020?

Alan Jackson’s extensive touring history and music catalog have gained him worldwide acclaim, from critics and fans alike.

In 2020, he’ll continue his tradition of “keepin’ it country” as he brings 30 years of hits to a city near you.

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How long does an Alan Jackson concert last?

1.75 hoursHow long are Alan Jackson concerts? Most concerts last about 2-3 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the Alan Jackson, opening acts, encore, etc. Alan Jackson concerts typically last 1.75 hours.

Does Alan Jackson have any new songs?

Making the situation a bit more strange is the fact that Alan Jackson released a new single from his yet-to-be-announced upcoming record a year-and-a-half ago called “The Older I Get.” Written by Adam Wright, Hailey Whitters and Sarah Turner, the song was released three days after Jackson’s 59th birthday, and coincided …

What country singer is getting divorced?

Country Star Kacey Musgraves and Musician Husband Ruston Kelly File for Divorce.

Did Alan Jackson really break the line dancing record?

Music video Local television coverage clips showing that Jackson was attempting to set the record for longest line dance were included. The televised news coverage and line dance record attempt were fictional and performed by actors for dramatic purposes. This video was directed by Trey Fanjoy.

Who opens up for Alan Jackson?

No opening acts were officially announced for the 2020 tour, although a press release teases special guests and artists who have played Jackson’s Nashville bar, AJ’s Good Time Bar. Included among the schedule dates are previously announced shows at Stagecoach in April and the Country Concert in Ft.

Is Alan Jackson’s tour Cancelled?

Don’t be surprised in further dates get moved to 2021 soon. One appearance that definitely won’t be happening is Alan Jackson’s headliner set at Stagecoach in California, which got moved initially from the spring to the fall, and has now been cancelled entirely for 2020 along with the Stagecoach Festival.

Is Alan Jackson still married?

Jackson married his high school sweetheart, Denise Jackson, on December 15, 1979. … Although the couple separated for several months in 1998 due to the strains of Jackson’s career as well as his infidelity, they have since reconciled.

Who is on tour with Alan Jackson in 2020?

Tenille Townes will serve as direct support, but before her sets, Jackson will feature singer-songwriter Cory Farley, the duo Carolina Pine and the duo Steel Blossoms. Jackson, a Country Music Hall of Fame member, is celebrating 30 years in country music in 2019.

Who is Alan Jackson on tour with?

The inclusion of Carolina Pine, Cory Farley, and Steel Blossoms will continue that tradition. Tickets for Alan Jackson’s 2020 Tour can be found here.