What Does OCNL Mean In Aviation?

What does AMD mean in a TAF?

A01 – Automated Observation without precipitation discrimination.

A02 – Automated Observation with precipitation discrimination.

A3000 – Altimeter setting 30.00” AMD – Amended forecast.

AUTO – without human editing..

What is PO in aviation?

PO. Pressure Outside. Technology. Navigation, Technology, Aircraft.

What does DURD mean in a Pirep?


What does occasional rain mean?

When we call for “Rain” (as in, “Rain at Times”, “a rainy day”, “Occasional rain”) is a more widespread event. … That usually means that not everyone will be getting wet at the same time.

What is drizzle rain?

Drizzle is a light liquid precipitation consisting of liquid water drops smaller than those of rain – generally smaller than 0.5 mm (0.02 in) in diameter. Drizzle is normally produced by low stratiform clouds and stratocumulus clouds. … The METAR code for drizzle is DZ and for freezing drizzle is FZDZ.

What is shower and rain?

Whereas showers are much more scattered and shorter in duration than rain, and that not everyone in the locality will get wet at the same time, or even get wet at all. … Convective rain falls from cumuliform clouds, such as cumulus and cumulonimbus. We call these showers, and they tend to be short-lived.

What makes a Pirep urgent?

The following weather phenomena shall be classified as an URGENT (UUA) PIREP: 1. Tornadoes, funnel clouds, or waterspouts. 2.

What are SIGMETs issued for?

A U.S. SIGMET advises of weather, other than convective activity, that is potentially hazardous to all aircraft. SIGMETs are issued (for the lower 48 states and adjacent coastal waters) for the following weather-impacted reasons: Severe Icing. Severe or Extreme Turbulence.

What does OCNL mean?

well-separated cumulonimbusOCNL. indicates an area of well-separated cumulonimbus and/or thunderstorms with a maximum spatial coverage between 50 and 75 percent of the area affected, or forecast to be affected, by the phenomena (at the fixed time or during the period of validity)

Which is worse rain or showers?

Showers, also known as rain showers, have a shorter duration than rain. They tend to be quick and come in bursts. … Compared to rain, showers cover a smaller area but can be more intense. Cumulonimbus clouds (thunderstorm clouds) produce the heaviest rainfalls.

What does P mean in a TAF?

greater than the highest reportable valueP. indicates greater than the highest reportable value. PCPN. precipitation.