Quick Answer: What Does Ln Stand For?

What does F N mean?

AcronymDefinitionFNFight Night (video game)FNFalse NegativeFNFibronectinFNFile Number49 more rows.

What does Ln mean in clothing?

The XL LN means XL TALL. They are the same.

What is Ln abbreviation for?

AcronymDefinitionLNLaneLNLincoln (postcode, United Kingdom)LNLoanLNLast Name44 more rows

What does Ln stand for in text?

What does LN stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningLNLike NewLNLaan (Dutch: lane)LNLeslie Nielsen (actor)LNLawful Neutral (gaming)3 more rows

What does Ln mean in the Army?

LN – Local National. Army term for friendly locals.

What does RT stand for in medical terms?

respiratory therapistA respiratory therapist (RT) is a certified medical professional who specializes in providing healthcare for your lungs.

What is NL in medical term?

• nl = normal. • wnl = within normal limits.

What does F n mean in wattpad?

In the context it is pretty easy to figure out what it means, you just have to figure it out a bit. Basic Family: (M/n) Mom’s name. (D/n or F/N) Dad’s name or father’s name. (B/n) brother name.

What does I’ve mean in texting?

What does I’VE mean? I’ve colloquial contraction of I have.

What does Ln stand for in medical terms?

List of medical abbreviations: LAbbreviationMeaningLMWHlow-molecular-weight heparinLNlymph node Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC)LNDlymph node dissectionLNGlevonorgestrel115 more rows

Is LN short for Lane?

The U.S. Post Office has the official abbreviation of Lane as LN . When you look up a zip code on their website no matter how you enter the street address with Lane, LN or LA it is always converted to LN .

What does Ln mean in anime?

Light novelsA light novel is a style of Japanese novel targeting teenagers and young adults. These novels contain mostly illustrations in anime or manga style. They are usually published in bunkobon size (A6 – 105 x 148mm). Light novels are not very long. The length is comparable to a novella in US publishing terms.