Quick Answer: What Does HW Mean In Construction?

What does HW mean in real estate?

His wifeCommon Abbreviations/Acronyms On Property Tax BillsAbbreviationDescriptionHWHis wifeITFIn trust forLCLand contractLCHLand contract holder15 more rows.

What does U S mean in engineering?

Ultrasound. u/s. Upstream (Process Engineering) u/s. Underside.

What does HW stand for Weight?

Highest WeightGW: Goal Weight. HW: Highest Weight. IBW: Ideal Body Weight.

What is HW in medical terms?

HW. Heart Weight. Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physiology.

What does HW stand for?

First Definition for HW “Homework” is the most common definition for HW on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. HW. Definition: Homework.

What does HW mean in business?

Hazardous Wastes + 1 variant. Waste, Technology, Management. HW. Hazardous Waste.

What does LBL mean in construction?

Light Bladder LeakageLBL stands for Light Bladder Leakage, and it affects about 40 million women. One may also ask, what does its stand for in construction? ITS. Information Technology Services.

What does NB MF mean?

NBMFAcronymDefinitionNBMFNew Brunswick Masonic Family (Canada)

What does WH stand for in apartments?

hot water heaterIf you see a square with HWT or a circle with HW or WH in the middle, those are the hot water tank (HWT) and the hot water heater (HW or WH). You may find these symbols in an interior or exterior storage space, or perhaps in a closet inside the apartment.

What does HWS mean?

HWSAcronymDefinitionHWSHuman Workflow ServicesHWSHarvard-Westlake School (California)HWSHot Water SupplyHWSHard White Spring (wheat)28 more rows

What does FF means in online selling?

Follow FridayFF – Follow Friday.

What does V stand for in engineering?

volt Technology, Engineering, Electronicsvolt. Technology, Engineering, Electronics. V. Vent. Construction, HVAC, Architecture.

What is PL Engineering?

Product Line (Engineering) PL.

What does HW stand for in construction?

AcronymDefinitionHWHardwoodHWHealthy WeightHWHealth and WealthHWHead of Wall (construction)49 more rows

What does LW mean?

Lucky WinLW means “Lucky Win”.

What is the short form of engineer?

There’s no common standard abbreviation for engineer, so generally it would be best to pick one and be consistent. Eng. is sometimes an abbreviation for engineering in degrees such as B. Eng., Bachelor of Engineering. Therefore, it might be better to use Engr.