Quick Answer: How Can I Be Interactive On Social Media?

What is an example of interactive media?

Examples of interactive media include web sites, user-generated content, interactive television, gaming, interactive advertising, blogs and mobile telephony..

How can I make my social media interactive?

To help get you thinking, here are seven types of interactive content to consider.Quizzes/Polls. Quizzes and polls are an inexpensive way to create interactive content. … Contest/Sweepstakes. … Multiple Choice Posts. … Interactive Infographics, Whitepapers and eBooks. … Workbooks and Assessments. … Calculators. … Interactive Videos.

How do I make content interactive?

Marketing Stage Encourage your followers to share it on social, send a link to your email list, and optimize a blog post for SEO so you can link to it from there. Encourage people to share your interactive content. Make it easy by using an embed code for certain types of content, such as interactive infographics.

What is the most interactive social media?

Which Social Media Channels Have The Most Engagement? Instagram is by far the most engaged social platform for brands, with 2-7% percent of users interacting with each post. Twitter is the least engaged channel, with less than two out of one thousand followers (<.

How do I make an interactive post on Facebook?

45 Facebook Post Ideas That Generate High EngagementBuild Your Brand. Building your brand is your goal, so you might as well show what it is all about. … Post What Is Trending. … Time Your Posts. … Choose Non-peak Hours. … Change Profile & Cover Photos. … Share What’s On Your Mind. … Take a Selfie. … Take Your Audience Behind the Scenes.More items…•

What are interactive tools?

An interactive tool is a way to increase engagement with a target audience by allowing them to interact with the page itself. For example, a medical information website may offer an interactive food calculator to help users track food intake and exercise.