Quick Answer: What Is The Average Broad Jump For A 14 Year Old?

What is the average vertical jump for a 17 year old?

19.5 inchesAverage Vertical Jump for High School Athletes – jump normsAgeVertical Jump Norms14 years old15.7 inches15 years old17.0 inches16 years old18.2 inches17 years old19.5 inches4 more rows•Aug 18, 2020.

Is a 24 inch vertical good for a 13 year old?

The 10th to 20th percentiles run from 12.3 to 13.8 inches; 30th to 40th percentile is 15 to 16 inches. Above-average vertical jump score is the 60th to 70th percentile, which ranges from 18 to 19 inches. An excellent rating is 20 to 21 inches, which is the 80 to 90th percentile.

Is 25 inch vertical good?

A good high school athlete will have a vertical jump of 24 to 28 inches. A very good jump would be in the 28- to 32-inch range. An athlete with an excellent vertical jump would rise 32 to 36 inches. Anything above 36 inches would put a high school athlete at the top of his class.

What is the average long jump for a 14 year old?

AssessmentAgeExcellentAverage14>1.91m1.72 – 1.60m15>1.85m1.72 – 1.60m16>1.83m1.67 – 1.58m>16>1.91m1.77 – 1.63mMay 4, 2020

What’s a good long jump for middle school?

The best middle school athletes can clear six feet in the high jump and 11 feet in the pole vault; while outstanding long jumpers exceed lengths of 20 feet and triple jumpers combine three consecutive leaps to surpass 40 feet.

What is the average Olympic long jump?

The Olympic records for the event are 8.90 m (29 ft 2 1⁄4 in) for men, set by Bob Beamon in 1968, and 7.40 m (24 ft 3 1⁄4 in) for women, set by Jackie Joyner-Kersee in 1988.

How high can human jump?

Here are the current world records for the High Jump and Long Jump. 1-Javier Sotomayor of Cuba set the world record for the men’s high jump in 1993 with a jump of 2.45 meters, That is 8 feet! Most ceilings are about 7 ½ feet to 8 feet high. He could jump right onto the roof!

What is an elite broad jump?

The standing long jump test, also called the Broad Jump, is a common and easy to administer test of explosive leg power. An excellent result is greater than 2.50 meters for men (8′ 2.5″) and 2.00 meters for women (6′ 6.75″).

What is a good vertical jump for a 14 year old?

High School Athlete Jump Averages ChartAgeVertical14 years old15.7 inches15 years old17 inches16 years old18.2 inches17 years old19.5 inches4 more rows•Dec 19, 2019

What is a good broad jump for a 17 year old?

Only country in the world where the broad jump or standing long jump is still an official event in indoor T&F competitions. For a 17-25 years old man, I’d say 2.30 meters is average. 2,5 meters is good, 2,8 meters is great and anything over 3 meters is excellent for a recreational athlete.

What is an average long jump for a 13 year old?

Most people tend to get around the 3.50’s, although 13 is the age where it really tends to fluctuate. Those on the higher end of the spectrum got around where you are, although I have watched girls jump 4.50 metres and even higher. Keep working on it- you’re off to a good start!

What’s the world record long jump?

Long jumpAthletics Long jumpMenMike Powell 8.95 m (29 ft 4 1⁄4 in) (1991)WomenGalina Chistyakova 7.52 m (24 ft 8 in) (1988)Olympic recordsMenBob Beamon 8.90 m (29 ft 2 1⁄4 in) (1968)6 more rows

Is a 10 ft broad jump good?

The records are spotty. To show you how good that is, the high school record holder in the LJ, Marquis Goodwin, only jumped 11 feet at the 2013 combine. I would say that anything over 10 feet is very, very good.

What is LeBron’s vertical?

The current reigning monarch of the air is LeBron James. With his vertical leap reportedly measuring in at somewhere north of 40 inches (the NBA average is in the high 20s), King James is able to launch his 6-foot-8-inch, 250-pound frame with seeming ease.

What is the average broad jump?

Standing Long Jump Test (Broad Jump)rating(cm)(feet, inches)excellent> 250> 8′ 2.5″very good241-2507′ 11″ — 8′ 2.5″above average231-2407′ 7″ — 7′ 10.5″average221-2307′ 3″ — 7′ 6.5″4 more rows•Nov 3, 2020