What Made Nirvana So Good?

How did Nirvana die?

Kurt CobainBornKurt Donald CobainFebruary 20, 1967 Aberdeen, Washington, U.S.DiedApril 5, 1994 (aged 27) Seattle, Washington, U.S.Cause of deathSuicide by gunshotOccupationSinger-songwriter musician visual artist12 more rows.

Is Nirvana overrated?

Voted one of the Five Worst Bands of the ’90s by Rolling Stone readers in 2013, Nirvana made what BBC listeners in 2005 considered to be the most overrated album ever, Nevermind. So, it’s not even up to us, the results are in and Nirvana sucks! … But Nirvana was merely a symptom of a much larger problem: grunge.

Why did Nirvana break up?

Nirvana disbanded following Cobain’s suicide in April 1994. Various posthumous releases have been overseen by Novoselic, Grohl, and Cobain’s widow Courtney Love. The posthumous live album MTV Unplugged in New York (1994) won Best Alternative Music Performance at the 1996 Grammy Awards.

What kind of band was Nirvana?

alternative rock groupNirvana, American alternative rock group whose breakthrough album, Nevermind (1991), announced a new musical style (grunge) and gave voice to the post-baby boom young adults known as Generation X. The members were Kurt Cobain (b.

How much money did the album Bleach make?

Bleach was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America in February 1995, and has sold an estimated 1.9 million copies in the United States. It has also been certified Gold by the Canadian Recording Industry Association. It is Sub Pop’s best-selling album release to date.

How old is Dave Grohl?

51 years (January 14, 1969)Dave Grohl/Age

Who owns Nirvana?

But rights to Nirvana’s music seems to have nothing to do with either of them: administrative rights for Cobain’s songs are overseen by a company called Primary Wave Music, and Primary Wave’s Larry Mestel also owns 50% of the publishing rights.

Is Nirvana the best band ever?

Originally Answered: Is Nirvana the best band of all time? No. they were part of a huge, albeit short lived, change in the rock n roll landscape. But there are many bands who have had a much larger impact on music.

Did Dave Grohl write any Nirvana songs?

In an interview on CBS show Sunday Morning, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has revealed why he never wrote music or sang in Nirvana, and only started writing his own material after Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994. …

Is pop a nirvana?

Nirvana are an English pop rock band, formed in London, England in 1965. Though the band achieved only limited commercial success, they were acclaimed both by music industry professionals and by critics. In 1985, the band reformed.

What Killed Kurt Cobain?

April 5, 1994Kurt Cobain/Date of death

What is your favorite Nirvana song?

Drain YouMy favorite Nirvana song is undoubtedly ‘Drain You. ‘ It’s just such a banger. Delicate, innocent lyrics and such a damn strong verse riff. Best 4 chords I’ve ever heard.

Was Kurt Cobain left handed?

Nirvana idol Kurt Cobain mostly played with his left hand — here on an inverted right-handed guitar. Once in a while he would pound Dave Grohl’s right-handed drum kit. Cobain was a right-hander — and why he played guitar with the left is a mystery.

When did Nirvana die?

April 5, 1994Kurt Cobain/Date of death

When did Nirvana disband?

1994Nirvana/Active until

Nirvana are one of the biggest and most influential bands in music history. Formed in Seattle in 1987, they pretty much single-handedly catapulted alternative music into the mainstream when their second album, Nevermind, took the music industry by surprise and turned popular culture on its head on its release in 1991.

How did Nirvana get noticed?

Major labels started noticing the talent in the underground scene in the late 80s and dipped their toes by signing bands like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr., bands that were huge in the underground scene. The major labels thought they could cultivate those bands into much bigger bands that would sell tons of records.