Question: Who Uses Youse?

Is youse an actual word?

So youse (or yous) is simply a regular “add an ‘s’” plural, y’all is a contraction of the phrase you all, and yinz appears to be a contraction of you ones..

How do you use the word youse in a sentence?

Example sentences from the Web for youse Youse get him in a fight, he goes down; youse do the business with your feet. Go to Billie Gray if youse want to have some wan learn youse the game. Ef your sile is rich and fertile, then youse kin plant as soon as it is smoothed out.

Is youse a Scrabble word?

YOUSE is a valid scrabble word.

What is plural for you?

In standard contemporary Modern English, you is both singular and plural; it always takes a verb form that originally marked the word as plural, (i.e. you are, in common with we are and they are). This was not always so. Early Modern English distinguished between the plural ye and the singular thou.

What does you D stand for?

you had : you would: you had : you would.

Where does the word yous come from?

It’s been suggested by some linguists that “you-all,” “you-uns” (a Pittsburgh expression) and “yous” or “youse” actually originated as attempts to differentiate singular “you” from plural “you.” I can see that this might be a natural response on the part of immigrants (and not just Italians) whose first languages had …

Is youse in the Oxford dictionary?

youse pronoun – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

Where do they say youse guys?

South Philly“Youse” is associated with working-class white folks in South Philly, but “y’all” is the grammatical alternative to “you guys” in the dialect of Philly’s African American communities.

Why do Australians say yous?

Possibly the lowly status of Irish English in Australia in relation to British English ensured that yous would be common in colloquial speech but condemned in formal speech and writing. … There is no need in such a framework to include representations of speech in the written language.

Is thank yous a word?

the expresion comes from a verbal form, so the noun has to be hyphenated. So, it is one “thank-you” or several “thank-you’s” (because of the compound form). but, in everyday use, “thank yous” is also correct. and please note that hyphens are also omitted in everyday use so it might become “thank you’s”.

What does Lot mean in British?

​Britisha group or set of people or things. When you’ve done these, you can get started on that lot. lot of: I’ve just finished typing one lot of letters. It can be a bit difficult when there are two lots of parents involved.