What Does It Mean I Am Done With You?

What does it mean to be done with someone?

be done with (someone or something) To be finished with someone or something; to cease being involved or dealing with someone or something.

I’ve been working on this essay for hours now, so I’m just going to write the conclusion and be done with it..

What does it mean I am over you?

1. “To be over someone” means you don’t have romantic feelings for them anymore. You had feelings, but now you have got over them. Adding “so” gives emphasis, as in “so very much” or “so happy”: “I am SO over you.”

How do you say I’m done?

2 Answers. If you wish to put the emphasis on the task, you could try “the task is finished” or “the task is completed.”

Can we say Im finished?

“I am finished.” Here ‘finished’ is an adjective. “I have finished.” Here ‘finished’ is the past participle form of the verb ‘finish’. Former one explains the state of being finished.

What does I am done mean?

“I am done” or “I am done with” means: I have reached the end, have completed or finished with any activity that one is presently doing or engaged in or with. It can also mean “I am fed up” with some one or something, or “I am full” in matter of eating.